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UZH spin-off new partnering deal

Congratulations to UZH spin-off EraCal Therapeutics to their new partnering deal with Novo Nordisk. This is a huge step foward for the start-up, with a potential value of EUR 235 million, and brings revolutionary therapy for obesity one step closer to the market.

Excess weight and obesity are among the most widespread health risks globally. EraCal Therapeutics fights it: the UZH and Harvard University spin-off, founded in 2018, develops a novel drug candidate Era-379 to reduce appetite. Reducing appetite facilitates blood sugar and lipid control, reduces body weight and liver fat content, and facilitates healthy aging thereby EraCal pioneers the next generation of cardiometabolic therapies.

Novo Nordisk is the market leader in obesity therapy and the largest company in Europe based on market cap. A wise choice by the founders Simon Breitler, Josua Jordi to partner up with them.

Josua Jordi received the UZH Entrepreneur Fellowship in 2018 and co-founded EraCal the same year. The startup has its headquarters at BioTechnopark Schlieren and has been ranked among the TOP 100 Swiss Startups from 2020 to 2023.