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  • A Smartwatch App to Tackle Long Covid

    A treatment for people suffering from Long Covid is yet to materialize. The only approach that has proven to be effective is for patients to manage their symptoms. Researchers at UZH have developed an innovative smartwatch application and app that help patients do this. The researchers have now been awarded this year’s UZH Postdoc Team Award.

  • The Operating Room of the Future

    The innovative OR-X at the Balgrist University Hospital is an exact copy of an operating room. Here, surgeons can train their skills and team up with researchers to develop computer-assisted surgical methods. This speeds up the translation of state-of-the-art surgical innovations into clinical practice and benefits patients.

  • Receiving Innosuisse Funding

    How do I set up an innovation project and get funding from Innosuisse? Advice from experts at a recent event. 

  • Robots with a Deft Touch

    In future, multisensory surgical robots with sensors featuring visual, auditory and haptic functionality are expected to take on various individual steps during operations – quite autonomously – and support the surgeons providing treatment. Researchers from the University of Zurich are working on this, alongside clinicians, as part of the FAROS project.

  • Hans Eggenberger Foundation extends support for the UZH Entrepreneur Fellowship Program

    The Hans Eggenberger Foundation has extended its financial support for the UZH Entrepreneur Fellowship Program for another three years.

  • Highest Honor for UZH Researcher

    Oliver Ullrich, Director of the UZH Space Hub and professor at the Institute of Anatomy, has been awarded the Life Sciences Award by the International Academy of Astronautics. The aerospace medicine expert is being recognized for his innovative research in space life sciences, a field he has been instrumental in establishing.

  • UZH at the Switzerland-Japan Economic Forum

    Government, academic and business leaders from Japan and Switzerland gathered at the Switzerland-Japan Economic Forum 2023 in Tokyo to explore the critical role of innovation promotion. UZH Vice President Christian Schwarzenegger shared his expertise on the Swiss ecosystem and the UZH Innovation Hub, a platform for innovation and entrepreneurship at Switzerland’s largest university

  • Enzian Pharmaceutics and UZH develop a novel gastroretentive fibrous dosage form

    In a collaborative project funded by Innosuisse and Enzian Pharmaceutics, scientists at Enzian Pharmaceutics and the University of Zurich (UZH) have reached an important milestone in the development of a new gastroretentive dosage form.

  • AI Increases Precision in Plant Observation

    Researchers at UZH have used big data, machine learning and field observations in the university’s experimental garden to show how plants respond to changes in the environment.

  • Arcton raises 350k CHF in the pre-seed round

    Arcton, a UZH startup and Zurich-based fintech startup founded in 2022, disrupts the Swiss crowdfunding scene with its innovative investing platform. Crowd investing in Switzerland has experienced a significant surge in popularity, with platforms primarily focused on capital raising.

  • Challenge Accepted: High-speed AI Drone Overtakes World-Champion Drone Racers

    EIn a milestone for artificial intelligence (AI), the AI system “Swift”, designed by UZH researchers, has beaten the world champions in drone racing – a result that seemed unattainable just a few years ago. The AI-piloted drone was trained in a simulated environment.

  • AI Brings Hope for Patients with Lyosomal Storage Disease

    Advances in the use of Big Data, learning algorithms and powerful computers improve research into serious metabolic disease.

  • New Superconductors Can Be Built Atom by Atom

    The naturally occurring topology of atoms can make it difficult to create new physical effects. One atom at a time, researchers have now successfully designed new states of matter.

  • Passion Aplenty

    Turning an exciting idea into a successful start-up firm requires vision, a lot of knowhow and good planning. But most of all, it requires different people who work together really well.

  • “Like a Swiss army knife”

    ChatGPT is overrated as artificial intelligence and underrated as a language model, linguist Noah Bubenhofer says. He, philosopher Hans-Johann Glock, and computational linguist Rico Sennrich discuss how chatbots could change science, universities, and everyday work in the interview below.

  • INNOVATOR MORNINGS - Successful launch of a new event series

    As part of the UZH Entrepreneur Fellowships and the UZH Innovation Grants programs, the UZH Innovation Office has launched a brand new event series "Innovator Mornings".

  • Scallop Eyes as Inspiration for New Microscope Objectives

    Neuroscientists have developed new objectives that enable high-resolution imaging of tissues and organs in a much wider variety of immersion media than with conventional microscope lenses.

  • Pitch Perfect

    How do interdisciplinary teams develop ideas that are in touch with the world outside of university? In various innovation courses at UZH, students learn how they can translate their ideas into business solutions – including a reality check by industry experts.

  • metaLead wins final stage of Venture Kick

    Venture Kick awarded CHF 150’000 to metaLead, a BioTech UZH Spinoff project, which is developing next-gen antidotes against toxic metals. 

  • Flying Toward the Future

    A new testing facility at Dübendorf Airport enables researchers to develop autonomous systems such as drones from idea to marketable product. The facility was conceived thanks to the Digitalization Initiative of the Zurich Higher Education Institutions.

  • Unlocking the Data Treasure Chest

    The LOOP Zurich research center is creating a central platform to exchange health data between UZH, ETH Zurich and the four university hospitals in Zurich, making it possible to quickly and easily use this information for the benefit of patients.

  • EraCal Therapeutics collaborates with Nestlé Health Science

    Research collaboration between EraCal Therapeutics and Nestlé Health Science

  • E.rupt selected in Future of Health Grant program

    CSS and EPFL Innovation Park announced last week the innovation projects that have been selected in their Future of Health (FoHG) program. 

  • UZH Biomedicine Professor Magdalini Polymenidou becomes Global Scholar

    The Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research (NIBR) is seeking to advance science through the NIBR Global Scholars Program (NGSP). This competitive program supports projects focused on novel science with the objective of being translated to drug discovery and/or clinical research. Magdalini Polymenidou has been selected for the NGSP 2022 and will receive up to 1 mil USD funding over three years along with scientific expertise from NIBR collaborators.

  • UZH to Expand Digital Expertise

    UZH is creating seven new assistant professorships and stepping up its research and teaching activities in the field of digital transformation. This brings the total number of professorships created as part of the Digital Society Initiative to over 30.

  • Prometheus and askEarth join ESA BIC Switzerland

    Two new UZH spin-offs join ESA BIC Switzerland, the Swiss Space Incubator 

  • Swimming Against the Current

    In 1986, UZH physicist and IBM Fellow K. Alex Müller and J. Georg Bednorz revolutionized solid-state physics with the discovery of the first high-temperature superconductor. In the following year, 1987, the two researchers were jointly awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics. K. Alex Müller has now died in Zurich at the age of 95.

  • Entrepreneurial Milestones in Life Sciences

    Three new spin-offs were founded at UZH in 2022, transferring scientific findings into industry practice. The business ventures explore new perspectives in the fight against cancer, space factories to produce human tissue, and ways to accelerate the development of novel drugs.

  • Prometheus AG wins Orbital Reef Starter Innovation Challenge

    Prometheus AG wins the Orbital Reef Starter Innovation Challenge.

  • SignMax is the winner of the Bootcamp 2022

    SignMax is the winner of the Digital Entrepreneurship Bootcamp 2022 edition. 

  • PayMate is the winner team of the UZH Innovathon

    PayMate is the winner team  of the UZH Innovathon: Building a human-centered Future of Work.

  • aiEndoscopic wins Swiss Innovation Challenge

    Former  UZH MedTech Entrepreneur fellow David Gage and aiEndoscopic won  the Swiss Innovation Challenge 2022.

  • Arcton pitch at Start-up Nights

    UZH Entrepreneur Fellow Merens Derungs and his startup Arcton were among the illustrious circle of 6 startups that were allowed to present themselves at the Startup Nights in Winterthur.  

  • Navignostics raises CHF 7.5M in seed financing round

    The UZH spin-off Navignostics raises CHF 7.5M in a seed financing round to advance precision cancer medicine through spatial single-cell proteomics.

  • MUVON Therapeutics: Phase II clinical trial started

    Former MedTech UZH Entrepreneur fellow Dr. Deana Mohr  and her company Muvon Therapeutics announce first patient enrolled in phase II clinical study.

  • We are hiring: Innovation Coordinator 50%

    Im UZH Innovation Office übernimmst Du administrative und operative Aufgaben zur Unterstützung der verschiedener Aktivitäten im UZH Innovation Hub. Es wartet eine vielseitige und verantwortungsvolle Einstiegsposition in einem dynamischen Umfeld auf Dich.

  • Clemedi releases Tuberculini

    Former MedTech UZH Entrepreneur fellow Dr. Prajwal and his company Clemedi release Tuberculini, a molecular test for drug-resistant tuberculosis.

  • A Factory in Outer Space

    It’s possible to produce things in orbit that wouldn’t be possible on Earth, says Oliver Ullrich. We sat down with the biochemist and space physician to learn more about weightless cells, the UZH Space Hub, and humans as an interplanetary species.

  • New Flight Platform Increases Flexibility in Research

    The 6th Swiss Parabolic Flight Campaign, run by the UZH Space Hub and the Swiss Sky Lab Foundation, takes place at the Air Base Dübendorf from 3 to 14 October. It is the first time a campaign is featuring a Cessna Citation II research aircraft, operated by the Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR). The airplane will carry four research projects into weightlessness.

  • Fueling New Ideas

    For 10 years, the UZH Foundation has been successfully raising funds for research, teaching and innovation – including for the Digital Entrepreneur Fellowship.

  • UZH spin-off Recolony idolized in 20 minutes

    Molecular biologist and former UZH Entrepreneur Fellow Ana Montalban-Arques has made a discovery that could cure colon cancer.

  • InCephalo AG receives EIT Health Gold Track grant

    InCephalo AG receives EIT Health Gold Track grant

  • Entrepreneurial researchers at the Credit Suisse Entrepreneurs' Conference

    "Engineer the future as an entrepreneur? Why not?" - that was the theme of this year's Credit Suisse Entrepreneurs' Conference. The inspiring panel discussions and keynote speeches also featured entrepreneurial researchers from the University of Zurich.

  • Partnering to foster the entrepreneurial journey

    The UZH Innovation Hub is partnering with Talent Kick, a program where students have the opportunity to form interdisciplinary cross-university co-founder teams and benefit from hands-on entrepreneurial experience during studies.

  • Breaking communication barriers for better social inclusion

    The University of Zurich with Dr. Sarah Ebling in the lead, has been granted funding for a large innovation project to break communication barriers for better social inclusion. The Swiss Innovation Agency (Innosuisse) has granted CHF 12.4 Mio for this four-year flagship project entitled “Inclusive Information and Communication Technologies” (IICT).

  • Approval for new alzheimer’s drug developed at UZH

    The active ingredient aducanumab, which was discovered at the University of Zurich, has been approved for use in the United States as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. Aducanumab, a human antibody, is the first treatment to slow down incurable Alzheimer's disease. 

  • Driving innovation for impact together!

    In a facilitated five day innovation sprint students and researchers from three universities will work together to develop, prototype and test new ideas with a  focus on sustainability and impact based on the SDGs.

  • Biotech spin-offs University of Zurich

    The majority of the spin-offs founded at the UZH are active in the fields of biotech and medicine. At the UZH Innovation Hub we support research projects in four innovation areas, including biotech and life sciences. 

  • Molecular Partners teams up with Novartis to develop COVID-19 therapies

    Molecular Partners announced their collaboration with Novartis on potential medicines for use against COVID-19. Molecular Partners will be responsible for Phase 1 and 2 trials for its two therapeutic candidates. If the trials are successful, Novartis will be responsible for further development, manufacturing, and global commercialization.

  • Join the U21 RISE Competition - Submit your environmental and/or societal development project until 18th November 2020!

    Do you have a voluntary, social enterprise or environmental project that you would like to scale up, develop, and build? Are you looking for additional support and resources to grow your reach? Then U21 RISE is for you.

  • Shape the future of digital transformation - Apply for the Digital Entrepreneurship Bootcamp until 9 October 2020!

    Kick off your digital business idea with the help of experienced tech founders and experts. Apply now for the Digital Entrepreneurship: Bootcamp!

  • Futurepreneuship's "Young professional program": Apply until 30 September 2020

    Find and meet the perfect match thanks to the Futurepreneuship’s “Young professional program” !



  • Italian Bilateral Scientific Cooperation Award: Apply until 31 August 2020

    Find and meet the perfect match thanks to the Futurepreneuship’s “Young professional program” !

  • EraCal nominated for The Spinoff Prize

    EraCal Therapeutics, a spin-off from the University of Zurich and Harvard University, developed a new drug candidate for obesity and is now a finalist for The Spinoff Prize.

  • Pitch prize for intubation aid - Entrepreneur Fellow Dave Gage in interview

    Dave Gage and his team won the final pitch in the Innosuisse Business Concept Course. With aiEndoscopic they are developing an intubation aid for emergency physicians and anesthetists.

  • Increased Usability and Precision in Vascular Imaging

    Researchers at the University of Zurich have developed a new X-ray contrast agent. The contrast agent is easier to use and distributes into all blood vessels more reliably, increasing the precision of vascular imaging. This reduces the number of animals required in research experiments.

  • Venture Leaders Life Sciences program

    Two UZH startups have been selected for this year’s Venture Leaders Life Sciences program.

  • Future.preneurship - Internships to explore Innovation: Apply until April 24!

    Looking for an inspiring internship this summer in the startup & innovation world which brings you further? Apply until April 24 to become a Future.preneur and get ready for the Future of Work.

  • Entrepreneur in the incubator

    Translating findings from medical research into applications to help people — that is the overriding aim of the MedTechEntrepreneur Fellowships at the University of Zurich, which are funded by the Werner Siemens Foundation.

  • Refining Breast Cancer Classification by Multiplexed Imaging

    An imaging approach developed at UZH enables the study of breast cancer tissue in greater detail.

  • $60 Million for Swiss Startups - Successful Founders to Launch Venture Fund

    Wingman Ventures is ready to make a mark. The independent venture fund is all about providing know-how and financial support to help Swiss startups become international  market leaders. The fund is investing USD 60m in Swiss tech startups exclusively. 

  • Milk from Teeth: Dental Stem Cells Can Generate Milk-Producing Cells

    According to a new study from researchers at the University of Zurich, dental epithelial stem cells from mice can generate mammary ducts and even milk-producing cells when transplanted into mammary glands.

  • Antibiotics with Novel Mechanism of Action Discovered

    Swiss researchers co-headed by the University of Zurich have now discovered a new class of antibiotics with a unique spectrum of activity and mechanism of action.

  • UZH Spin-off OxyPrem put their innovative oxygen sensors in use in neonatal clinics around the world

    The OxyPrem team, headed by UZH Entrepreneur Fellow Alumnus Stefan Kleiser, are on a high. Only a few days ago their device OxyPrem 1.4 was granted the CE mark.

  • The World of Future.preneurship

    The Future.preneurship-program is an official spin-off of Impact Hub Zürich, the hot spot for innovation and startups in Switzerland with a community of over 1’500 entrepreneurs. Future.preneurship connects career starters with innovative companies for internships. 

  • Economic Region of Zurich is European Champion in Innovation

    Zurich is the most innovative region in Europe according to the 9th Regionale Innovationsanzeiger (RIS) of the European Commission.

  • EraCal Therapeutics and Legartis in Top 30 >>venture>> Finalists

    The top 30 finalists of the >>venture>> competition in the categories Hardware, Health & Nutrition, and Software & Services have been announced. Congratulations EraCal Therapeutics and Legartis for joining the finalists!

  • Switzerland tops European Biotech Start-Up Ranking

    Switzerland is the European leader with its strong biotech start-up ecosystem. According to "nature biotechnology", Switzerland ranks first place in scientific output, patenting activity, and venture capital availability.

  • HOOKIPA Pharma Announces Pricing of Initial Public Offering

    Hookipa Pharma, a University of Zurich (UZH) spin-off company, made its initial public offering (IPO) at Nasdaq in New York.

  • How Digitalization Changes Medicine

    On Digital Day, UZH presents ways in which digital technology can change and advance medicine.

You can find all of the latests news and events related to innovation and entrepreneurship at the University of Zurich here.

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