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UZH Innovation Hub

Sparkling Research: Honoring UZH Entrepreneur Fellows

The Vice-Rector for Research, Prof. Elisabeth Stark awarded certificates to Simon Bredl, Simon Gruening and Kevin Yim for their successful completion of the UZH Entrepreneur Fellowship program in 2023.

Maria Håkanson, Deputy Head Innovation shared the achievements of the Entrepreneur Fellows and their learnings.

Simon Bredl and his team address the lack of effective #therapies for solid tumors with an immune suppressive microenvironment. They are about to validate their technology in in vitro in tumor spheroids and in vivo in humanized mice.

Simon Grüning and his team develop a technology to make the information contained in satellite images accessible to decision makers. He co-founded askEarth and is currently collaborating with the European Space Agency - ESA and providing a solution for the recent European Union Deforestation Regulation.

Kevin Yim and his team develop a technology based on high-dimensional single extracellularvesicles analysis. Their solution makes earlier detection, highly predictive diagnosis, and continuous monitoring possible. He received funding from BRIDGE Programm (SNSF-Innosuisse) and Gebert Rüf Stiftung Innobooster to continue his work and bring the solution to market.