Entrepreneur Guide

Various components are essential for transforming innovative ideas into reality. At the UZH Innovation Hub these are divided into four action areas.

Action Areas

Our aim is to make the initial foundation steps easy for entrepreneurs and to help them turn their entrepreneurial idea into reality. Students and researchers interested in founding a company have access to a broad range of information, services and programs, some of which have been developed and are offered in collaboration with external stakeholders.

Skills & Knowledge

We promote innovation by raising awareness among students and researchers, providing entrepreneurial competencies and facilitating the initial foundation steps.
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We create the basis for innovation with excellent conditions for top research, the latest technology platforms and space for creative collaboration.

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Network & Advice

We accelerate innovation by connecting those interested in founding a company with the startup scene, advising them on their way to being ready for the market and building bridges to members of the business community.

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Capital & Funding

We make innovation come to life by putting research into practice, supporting spin-offs and providing seed funding.

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