UZH Spin-Offs & Startups

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Since 1999, more than 100 spin-offs which develop or bring to market new products based on UZH technologies have been founded at the University of Zurich. A number of other startups have been founded since then by students, alumni and other members of the University of Zurich community.

The University of Zurich has offered the UZH Startup label since 2017. Are you an entrepreneur who is affiliated with UZH? Request the UZH Startup label by e-mail.

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This list shows some of the spin-offs and startups founded at the University of Zurich that have the UZH Startup label.

Company name Spin-off/startup Sector Year of founding Link
3-V Biosciences, Inc. Spin-off BioTech 2007
AAAccell AG Spin-off FinTech 2014

AESG - Applied Educational Services Germany GmbH

Startup EdTech 2015 N/A
AiCTX AG Spin-off Digital / AI 2017
AL-S Pharma AG Spin-off MedTech 2016
Alethena Startup Blockchain 2017
Amiando (übernommen von xing) Startup Digital 2006 N/A
Amnestix, Inc. (übernommen) Spin-off N/A 2006
Anaveon AG Spin-off BioTech 2017
AssessSurgery GmbH Spin-off MedTech 2013
BhFS Behavioural Finance Solutions GmbH Spin-off Consulting 2007
Biogen Idec Inc. Spin-off BioTech 1978
Brainreplixx Startup BioTech 1980
Camineo SAS Spin-off Digital 2005
Cellerys AG Spin-off MedTech 2015
Corporate Health Solutions GmbH (CH Solutions GmbH) Spin-off Consulting 2014
CUTISS AG Spin-off BioTech 2017
Delenex Therapeutics AG (übernommen) Spin-off MedTech 2009
Digital Dental Life AG Spin-off Digital 2011 N/A
Double Check AG Spin-off Consulting 2007
Dualsystems Biotech AG Spin-off BioTech 2000
Dynamic Devices AG Spin-off MedTech 2007
Ecogenics GmbH Spin-off BioTech 2001
Ectica Technologies AG Spin-off MedTech 2015
Electron Point Source Instuments GmbH (EPSI GmbH) Spin-off BioTech 2014
EMOTT AG Spin-off BioTech 2001 AG Spin-off MedTech 2008
EraCal Therapeutics Spin-off MedTech 2018
ESBATech AG (übernommen) Spin-off BioTech 1998
Etharion GmbH Spin-off Digital 2012
Ethix Startup Social 2018
Evax AG Spin-off BioTech 2015
ExoLabs GmbH Spin-off Data Science 2017
G7 Therapeutics AG (übernommen) Spin-off BioTech 2013
Gaeta Therapeutics Ltd. Spin-off MedTech 2017
Galileo International Impact Investing Centre (Galileo IIIC) Startup Impact Investing 2018
Ganymed Pharmaceuticals AG (übernommen) Spin-off MedTech 2001
Gastric Imaging & Analysis GmbH Spin-off MedTech 2014
Green Tox GmbH Spin-off BioTech 2005
Gyrotools (Institut für Biomedizinische Technik) Spin-off MedTech 2003
Hocoma AG Spin-off MedTech 1996
Hookipa Biotech GmbH Spin-off MedTech 2011
HR ConScience GmbH Startup Consulting 2017
Hypo Pet AG Spin-off BioTech 2013
IBR Inc. Spin-off BioTech 1998
ImmunOs Therapeutics GmbH Spin-off MedTech 2015
Inilabs GmbH Spin-off BioTech 2009
iniVation AG Spin-off Digital/AI 2015
InoVil GmbH Spin-off N/A 2014 N/A
Insightness GmbH Spin-off Digital/AI 2014
InSphero AG Spin-off BioTech 2009
ipsyt GmbH (Institut für Psychologietransfer) Spin-off Consulting 2005
ISMZ GmbH (Institut für Selbstmanagement und Motivation Zürich) Spin-off Consulting 2005
JLS goodsolutions (vormals Jost goodsolutions GmbH) Spin-off Consulting 2003
Juvabis GmbH Spin-off BioTech 2015
kspace muntwiler+gersch Spin-off N/A   N/A
Kugelmeiers AG Spin-off BioTech 2015
Kunendo AG Spin-off Digital 2013 N/A
Kuros Biosciences AG Spin-off BioTech 2016
Lipal Biochemicals AG Spin-off BioTech 2000
Luloplus GmbH Startup Food 2017
Mabimmune Diagnostics AG Spin-off MedTech 2010
Mabylon AG Spin-off MedTech 2015
memocare AG Spin-off MedTech 2011
MEXAV Biotech AG Spin-off MedTech 2017 N/A

Mobile Health AG

Startup Medical IT, Digital Health 2014 AG   Blockchain 2016
Molecular Machines & Industries AG Spin-off BioTech 1998
Molecular Partners AG Spin-off MedTech 2004
Myosotis Therapeutics AG (in Liquidation) Spin-off MedTech 2014 N/A
NemoDevices AG (übernommen) Spin-off BioTech 2017
Neurimmune Therapeutics AG Spin-off MedTech 2006
NeuroCycle Therapeutics GmbH Spin-off MedTech 2017
Neurotune AG Spin-off BioTech 2005
NewBehavior AG Spin-off BioTech 2006
Nova Space Biotechnology GmbH Spin-off SpaceTech 2013
NovaGo Therapeutics AG Spin-off BioTech 2015
Okomo AG Startup Digital 2017
Oncobit AG Startup MedTech 2018
Optical Additives GmbH Spin-off Energy 2006
PareQ AG (übernommen) Spin-off MedTech 2010
PMOD Technologics GmbH Spin-off Software 2003
Polyphor AG Spin-off BioTech 1996
Prionics AG (übernommen) Spin-off BioTech 1997
PrognoSyst AG Spin-off BioTech 2017 N/A
QuantActions Sarl Spin-off Digital 2016
Regeneon GmbH Spin-off BioTech 2013 N/A
Sarmap AG Spin-off Digital 1999
Science for Business GmbH Spin-off Software 2008
sensiQol AG Spin-off Software 2011
Sepstone Diagnostics Sarl Spin-off N/A 2011 N/A
SILANA GmbH Spin-off BioTech 2004
Siltectra GmbH (ehemals Enexra Tools GmbH) Spin-off Materials 2010
Skope Magnetic Resonance Technologies GmbH Spin-off BioTech 2011
Smartodont GmbH Spin-off BioTech 2012
Spectraseis AG (übernommen) Spin-off N/A
Starmind AG Spin-off Digital/AI 2010
Starmind International  AG Spin-off Digital/AI 2008

SwissAcademy GmbH

Startup EdTech 2017

Swiss Academic Software GmbH (citavi) Spin-off Software 2004
Swisstrace GmbH Spin-off BioTech 2003
Switzerlend AG Startup FinTech 2015
SYLVA Startup EdTech 2019
Symetis AG (übernommen) Spin-off N/A 2001
Synergene Biotech GmbH Spin-off BioTech 2001
TextShuttle GmbH Spin-off Software 2010 (übernommen von Axel Springer) Startup Digital 1999
VAY Sports AG Spin-off Digital 2019
Vigilitech AG Spin-off Software 2016
Virometix AG Spin-off BioTech 2009
ViSSee GmbH Spin-off MedTech 2009
Xeltis AG Spin-off BioTech 2006

ZEITline GmbH

Startup HR Agency
2018 N/A
ZuriMED Technologies AG Spin-off BioTech 2015