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UZH Spin-off has won the leading Swiss startup competition 2024

EVIIVE offers an innovative platform for novel biomarker identification in liquid biopsies and enables healthcare professionals to diagnose diseases at an early stage. The UZH Spin-off has won the leading Swiss startup competition 2024 >>venture>> Startup Competition in the Health & Nutrition vertical category.

EVIIVE is developing a new cancer companion diagnostics solution that combines state-of-the-art extracellular vesicles (EVs) analysis with advanced machine learning to ensure rapid and accurate results. The UZH Spin-off can detect diseases very early and predict if a patient will respond to the standard-of-care treatment, leading to more effective and timely interventions.

Kevin Yim, co-founder and CEO of EVIIVE and UZH Entrepreneur Fellow Alumni, has developed a non-invasive diagnostic pipeline based on the analysis of serum liquid biopsies as part of his PhD project, which has proven successful in COVID-19-related studies. During his Entrepreneur fellowship, he developed a business strategy for the commercialization of the new method and completed three retrospective pilot studies consisting of over 200 patients that confirmed the high accuracy of their method in early diagnosis, treatment response prediction for aggressive cancers, as well as severity predictions in sepsis. This work resulted in the biotech start-up EVIIVE.

EVIIVE wins first place in Switzerland's leading start-up competition “venture”, which recognizes the best business ideas and business plans in Switzerland. The 18 most innovative start-ups emerged from around 329 entries.

We congratulate Kevin Yim and EVIIVE on this well-deserved award.  

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