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UZH Innovation Hub

Projects supported by the DIZH Founder Call

The 1st Founder Call by DIZH enables projects from the idea to the proof of concept that aim to establish a start-up or spin-off. Ten projects were recently approved: Get an insight into the six convincing projects by UZH Researchers.


The DIZH Founder Call was launched for the first time in 2023. By funding the step from pure start-up idea to proof of concept, potential founders can show that their conceptually developed projects can be realised in practice. The approved projects are characterised by their innovative strength and their contribution to digital transformation. Financial support is provided by the DIZH special credit with a maximum funding of CHF 75,000 per project and a project duration of up to 12 months.

Funded projects by UZH teams

Re-Experiencing History
  • Prof . Dr. Felix K. Maier, UZH Department of History
  • Dr. Phillip Ströbel, UZH Department of Computational Linguistics

This innovative AI-powered project aims to transform historical texts into visual representations, making ‘lost’ history accessible to all. It has broad applications in education, museums, and beyond. The project’s Proof of Concept includes creating a user-friendly web application, showcasing historical moments, and developing a sustainable roadmap.

  • Dr. André Meyer, UZH Department of Informatics
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Fritz, UZH Department of Informatics
The goal of this project is to develop a marketable concept of the vision of an evidence-based consulting boutique with FlowTeams and to test it with first clients in the market. FlowTeams has been proven to support teams of knowledge workers in finding a more sustainable balance between focus and teamwork.
Clinical decision support system
  • Christian Dorfer
  • Martin Kubli
  • Stefan Balabanov 
  • All employees of the Department of Medical Oncology and Hematology at Universitätsspital Zürich
Clinical decision support system for the interpretation of blood lab results and diagnosis based on them: The project team uses machine learning and data from the University Hospital Zurich to develop a software solution that suggests the most likely diagnoses for a patient based on symptoms, blood lab results, age and gender.
  • Dr. Liudmila Zavolokina, UZH Digital Society Initiative 
  • Prof. Dr. Alexandre Bovet, UZH Institute of Mathematics
  • Kilian Sprenkamp, UZH Digital Society Initiative 
  • Zoya Katashinskaya, UZH Digital Society Initiative 
  • Daniel Gordon Jones, UZH
  •  Dorian Quelle, UZH Institute of Mathematics
Making the Unseen Seen with an AI-assisted Propaganda Detection and Fact-Checking: ClarifAI employs Large Language Models aims at fighting propaganda and disinformation in digital news. It identifies propaganda techniques, fact-checks content, and provides explanations. This empowers users to think critically and discern media biases, enhancing democratic integrity.
  • Dr. Francesco Sovrano, UZH Department of Informatics
Interactive AI-Driven User Manuals for Digital Transformation in the Public Sector: IntelliGuide revolutionizes (software) user documentation by converting traditional manuals into interactive, AI-enabled guides. Aimed at both public and private sectors, like cantonal offices and banks, it aligns with Switzerland’s digital-first strategy. The solution simplifies tasks, reduces help desk costs, and accelerates onboarding across complex organizational settings.
Fatigue assessments through novel digital biomarkers
  • Pietro Oldrati, UZH Institute for Implementation Science in Health Care (IfIS)
  • Practice partner: Klinik Hirslanden
The project team will provide the first digital biomarkers for the objective assessment of fatigue. This will help the pharmaceutical industry to provide new or existing treatments with efficacy claims against fatigue. It will also support clinical decision making and help patients regain control over fatigue. By customizing the tools to the respective needs, the gap between the existing prototype and customer acquisition is closed.