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UZH Innovation Hub

DIZH Innovation program: Funded Projects

In the 3rd Project Call of the DIZH Innovation Program, 14 projects are being funded, 10 with team members of UZH. Together, they present a variety of innovative approaches based on interdisciplinary collaboration, technological innovation and creative approaches. With their focus on practice, transparency, participation and sustainability, they are helping to actively shape the future.

Funded projects from UZH team members


Develops AI-based approaches to support physicians in the care of patients with rare diseases.

  • Main Applicant: Abraham Bernstein, UZH Department of Informatics
  • Co-Applicants: Anna Lisa Martin-Niedecken, ZHdK | Michael Krauthammer, UZH Department of Quantitative Biomedicine
Social Influencer:in

The browser extension Social Influencer empowers people to respond constructively to hate speech.

  • Main Applicant: Judith Bühler, ZHAW Soziale Arbeit
  • Co-Applicants: Pius von Däniken, ZHAW School of Engineering | Katja Girschik & Maria Kamenowski, ZHAW Soziale Arbeit | Bennet Schwoon, UZH Institut für Betriebswirtschaft | Mark Cieliebak, ZHAW School of Engineering

Uses citizen science to network farmers in order to generate new knowledge about the cultivation of niche crops.

  • Main Applicant: Roman Grüter, ZHAW
  • Co-Applicant: Franziska Komossa, UZH Department of Geography

Improves non-invasive brain interventions through deep-learning analysis of EEG data and real-time closed-loop auditory brain stimulation.

  • Main Applicant: Samuel Wehrli, ZHAW
  • Co-Applicant: Reto Huber, UZH Faculty of Medicine, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (KJPP)

Personalized treatment decisions with Digital Twins (InnoTreat) make medical care for shoulder pathologies more precise and tailored to individual needs.

  • Main Applicant: Jeremy Genter, ZHAW
  • Co-Applicants: Dominic Gascho, Institute of Forensic Medicine
Technological Support for Scientific Work (...)

The development of tools to support scientific work (Technological Support for Scientific Work, Writing and Thinking in the Age of AI) promotes digital literacy in the academic context.

  • Main Applicant: Christian Rapp, ZHAW
  • Co-Applicants: Linda Tschander, University Library Zurich
MedTwins Agil.IT 

creates an agile research environment for clinical AI through digital mirroring in orthopedics and accelerates the implementation of digital technologies in healthcare through cloud integration.

  • Main Applicant: Dr. Sebastiano Caprara, Balgrist University Hostpital, UZH
  • Co-Applicants: Prof. Sven Hirsch, ZHAW  |  Dr. Alberto Huertas, UZH Department of Informatics - Communication Systems Group

Improves accessibility in Zurich for people with mobility impairments using digital technology.

  • Main Applicant: Hoda Allahbakhshi, UZH Department of Geography, URPP Dynamics of Healthy Aging
  • Co-Applicants: Robert Weibel, Department of Geography, URPP Language and Space | Vicente Carabias-Hütter, ZHAW | Christina Röcke, UZH Department of Psychology Gerontopsychology, URPP Dynamics of Healthy Aging, Zentrum für Gerontologie (ZfG)
Advancing Information Accessibility in Hospitals

Employing Large Language Models supports optimal treatment of patients in the intensive care unit.

  • Main Applicant: Ahmad Aghaebrahimian, ZHAW
  • Co-Applicants:  Reto Schüpbach, USZ | Morteza Rohanian, UZH 
    Department of Quantitative Biomedicine
Educational Policy Transparency Interface

The monitoring tool provides a transparent insight into educational policy debates and promotes differentiated discussions through comparative trend analyses.

  • Main Applicant: Barbara Getto, PHZH
  • Co-Applicants:  Michael Geiss, PHZH |  Noah Bubenhofer, UZH Deutsches Seminar

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