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UZH Innovation Hub

Transfer research to the market

Early career researchers, who intend to start up a company based on UZH research are supported by the UZH Entrepreneur Fellowships program through funding, coaching, training and lab facilities.

EF Call April

Three UZH Entrepreneur Fellowship tracks provide targeted support in the following application areas, submission open once a year until April 15th

► Bio & MedTech

► Digital Innovation ► Sustainable Society
in the fields of BioTech,
MedTech and Pharma
in the field of digitalization will contribute to the
sustainable development
of society

Details & apply


Call for applications 2024 completed

Details & apply


Call for applications 2024 completed

Details & apply


Call for applications 2024 completed


When is the best time to apply for a UZH Entrepreneur Fellowship and start your own business? Here is the answer from Simon Grüning, UZH Entrepreneur Fellow 2023 and Co-Founder | CTO of askEarth

Simon Grüning, UZH Entrepreneur Fellow 2023

Donations for the next generation of Entrepreneurs

The UZH Entrepreneur Fellowships are made possible thanks to generous donations by the Werner Siemens Stiftung,Hans Eggenberger Stiftung and Ernst Göhner Stiftung.

UZH Foundation is responsible for finding support for the University of Zurich’s strategic priorities. Learn how you can contribute.

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UZH Innovation Office


Eva Maria Håkanson 

Lead UZH Entrepreneur Funding

Anna Gromova

Support UZH Entrepreneur Funding

Honored Entrepreneur Fellows 2023

More about Honored Entrepreneur Fellows 2023

Meet the fellows

How did previous researchers experience the fellowship? Learn more about alumni from the program in these interviews.

Learn more about the supported projects and what they have achieved.