UZH Entrepreneur Fellowships

EF Call September/April

With the UZH Entrepreneur Fellowships the University of Zurich provides funding, training, lab facilities and expert advice to young researchers who intend to start up a company based on UZH research.

The fellowships are currently offered only to projects in BioTech and MedTech.

UZH Entrepreneur Fellows will be given the opportunity to further develop a technology or novel service towards a marketable solution and to evaluate the potential for the commercialization thereof.


An UZH Entrepreneur Fellowship amounts to CHF 150’000 and is given for a period of 18 months. Fellows are free to decide on how to spend the money (e.g. for their own salary, the employment of co-workers or for consumables).

Support program

Additional to the funding, the fellows are supported as follows:

Participation in the BioEntrepreneurship & Innovation (BEI) Program, a hands-on training course for life scientists that are eager to translate scientific results into real applications. Experienced entrepreneurs and experts share their knowledge and coach how to establish a first business plan and setup a successful start-up company.

The coaches in the Therapy Development Accelerator (TDA) provides professional expertise in project management and business development.

Unitectra supports the fellows on commercialisation issues, such as the protection of intellectual property and the creation of spin-off companies.


UZH Entrepreneuship fellows have access to a fully equipped research infrastructure at the UZH IncubatorLab; a shared MedTech and BioTech laboratory space hosted by the Institute for Regenerative Medicine and located in the Bio-Technopark in Schlieren. The UZH IncubatorLab offers state-of-the-art infrastructure and serves as an opportunity to exchange with other fellows and other entrepreneurs at the Bio-Technopark.

Who can apply?

Eligible candidates for the UZH Entrepreneur Fellowships in BioTech and MedTech

  • holds a MSc or doctoral degree (PhD, MD, PharmD, DMD or DVM) in life sciences or related fields. Doctoral students who plan to complete their thesis within six months after the application deadline can apply. Researchers are encouraged to apply within 5 years after obtaining their doctoral degree.  For parents, this period may be longer;
  • must submit their project as a single applicant;
  • have to be supported by an UZH professor (host professor) who is ready to act as a mentor during the fellowship and will provide the necessary lab space and infrastructure to carry out the project.
  • are employed by the UZH at least for the duration of the Fellowship

Next Call

The upcoming submission deadline is 15 April 2021.

Application documents:

Guidelines (PDF, 100 KB)

Application form (A1) (DOCX, 56 KB)

Budget form (A2) (XLSX, 31 KB)

General terms (PDF, 128 KB)