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UZH Innovation Hub

Innovathon: The Digitalization of Mobility

The Innovathon connects innovators among students, researchers and industry to work on digitalization challenges. Partners propose challenges to be addressed by the teams during the Innovathon weekend. In the teaching sessions, UZH researchers support participants to dive into the interdisciplinary nature of digitalization challenges.

For Master students and doctoral candidates
Content A unique opportunity for participants to develop innovation skills, to focus on future-oriented topics and to build a valuable network within the related ecosystem. To make the most of the idea development phase, the so called design sprint, teams are equipped with a manual and get support by experienced facilitators.
Output Assessment / ECTS Credits:
When Innovathon starts in Fall 2024
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Eva Maria Håkanson


Review: Innovathon 2021

The Innovathon course was launched in 2021. Six partners proposed their challenges within the topic: The Digitalization of Mobility.