UZH Innovathon

The Innovathon is bringing together innovators among students, researchers and industry to work on digitalization challenges. Challenge partners propose real world challenges to be addressed by the student teams during the innovation sprint. Researchers from the University and external Market experts provide insightful input sessions for the students to dive into the interdisciplinary nature of the challenge topics.

The course offers a unique opportunity for the participants to learn innovation skills, to focus on future-oriented topics and to build a valuable network within the related ecosystem. The student teams are equipped with a manual and supported by experienced facilitators to take them through ideation, concept development, testing and pitch preparation. The winning teams are invited to continue working on their developed concepts also beyond the Innovathon itself. 

Target group

Master and doctoral students from across the UZH faculties.

Next courses

Two Innovathon courses will be offerered in Fall 2022.

Innovathon: The Digitalization of Mobility Learn more

Innovathon: Building a Human-Centered Future of Work Learn more

Assessment / ECTS Credits