Innosuisse Start-up Training

In the Innosuisse Start-up Training programs you get support to develop a business idea, set up a company and implement a strategy for growth. The training modules include advice by experienced entrepreneurs. Module 1 and 2 are offered @ UZH in collabration with Startup Campus.

Infografik Innosuisse Modul 1 bis 4
Infografik Innosuisse Modul 1 bis 4
Start-up Training Modules 1 to 4 © Innosuisse

For students and researchers

Module 1: Business Ideas – Feel the start-up groove

Meet entrepreneurs and be inspired by their success stories.

More information: Modul 1

Module 2: Business Concept – Get the start-up toolbox

Hone your entrepreneurial thinking and actions and learn the theoretical and practical principles for starting a company.

More information: Modul 2

For start-ups

Module 3: Business Creation – Jumpstart your business

Get definitive answers to specific questions on your upcoming or recent start-up.

More information: Modul 3

Module 4: Business Growth – Grow your start-up

Analyse the opportunities, barriers and markets in your industry and familiarise yourself with the knowledge, processes and structures you need for healthy company growth.

More information: Modul 4