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► Call for applications opens on 1 July 2024

The UZH Innovation Grants program is an early stage support for research-based innovations at the University of Zurich.

For UZH researchers and early career researchers
Content Targeted support in evaluating the market potential of ideas. The insights gained throughout the support period will empower researchers to determine the next steps for their projects with a focus on social and economic impact. 
Output A value proposition with market potential. This provides the basis for attracting partners, investors or innovation funding for the implementation of the research-based idea.
Scope Projects selected for an Innovation Grant will be supported in their work to validate the market potential of their idea with a support program consisting of three workshops, 1:1 coaching sessions and CHF 10’000 in funding.
When Application possible twice a year. Deadlines: 15 September 2024 (upcoming 1 March 2025)

Information on submitting the application

Here you can find a blank application form (for reference only). (PDF, 336 KB)

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Questions & Answers

How can the funding be used?

The funding can be used to pay salaries (e.g. co-worker for project), materials (e.g. for a prototype, platforms), travel (e.g. to meet with important stakeholders) or for outsourcing (e.g. set up a website).

The funds cannot be used to purchase personal computers or related equipment.

When are the next workshops?

Selected applicant will be guided in the validation of the market potential during three dedicated workshops. The participation is compulsory and hence it is important that the applicant is available for the following in person workshops taking place 9-12 am on Nov 11th and 25th 2024, Jan 20th 2025.

Who are the coaches?

Successful applicants will be supported by a dedicated entrepreneurship coach. Once you have received a positive decision on your project you can select the coach to work with. Projects in the life science domain will be supported by the experts in the Translational Medicine Accelerator.

What comes after the Innovation Grant?

Possible next steps after the end of the support period are

  • Bring the innovation to market by founding a UZH Startup
  • Develop the solution and business concept further with a UZH Entrepreneur Fellowship
  • Continue the development of the solution with an implementation partner
  • Close the project or pivot towards another solution if the validation of the initial idea did not show promising results. Note that this outcome is not a failure but a natural event in innovation and the exploration of market opportunities.

Why can Master students not apply?

The Innovation grants can only support UZH projects and the funds must be transferred to a UZH account. Therefore, eligible applicants are researchers with an employment at the University of Zurich. This includes doctoral candidates, PostDocs and Professors. If you are a Master Student you must form a team with a researcher at UZH in order to receive an Innovation Grant.

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