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UZH Innovation Hub

Competitions and Funding Opportunities

Name Description Type Area Frequency CHF [k]
Ask the Entrepreneur Workshops covering the know-how and tools required to accelerate the development of your project. workshops any discipline 2 times per year -
Baselaunch  Support and accelerate the most promising healthcare companies, in 2 phases, over a total of 15 months accelerator  life science  annual  260 (up to)
Best of Swiss Apps  Promote quality of Swiss app and mobile ecosystems  competition  IT  annual 
Bluelion Support for startups to grow sustainably, provides co-working spaces and regular events with access to a curated ecosystem Incubator & Accelerator Tech  2 times per year -
Bridge - Proof of Concept  Support for young academics developing an innovative application, max 12 months renewable for 6 more months competition  any discipline rolling basis  130 
Bridge - Discovery  Support for more experienced academics developing an innovative application, only high impact projects, max 4 years competition  any discipline rolling basis  -
Circular Economy Incubator Teams and startups to prototype and develop solutions - entrepreneurs work on developing minimum viable product (MVP) and validating business model, with advisors, experts and network of impact investors. training/accelerator circular economy annual -
Coup de Pouce de la Fondation Liechti Suport entrepreneurial projects in economy, ecology or preferably humanitarian fields that forster sustainable progress in view of improvement of health or against poverty.
CHF 50'000 as grant
grant  economy, ecology, humanitarian fields annual  50
Create Challenge Programm objective is to bring 10 teams to work 3 weeks to work on their product with support of IDIAP.
5k CHf for 3 winners + services and housing from The Ark in Valais.
training/accelerator ICT  annual 5
Debiopharm Inartis Challenge Competition with the objective to improve patient quality of life.
25k chf for winner, 25k among remaining finalists.
competition  life science  annual  25
Digital Health Incubator Platform to develop digital solutions between start-ups, established ICT companies and companies from the healthcare sector. incubator various annual -
DIZH Call for Project Proposals  The call promotes projects in which solutions to relevant practical questions and current societal challenges are developed  accelerator  any discipline annual  300
Switzerland Innovation Tech4Impact Initiative  facilitate the realization of innovation projects that tackle society’s most pressing environmental and societal challenges, focusing on selected themes of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development  accelerator  any discipline annual  85
engage_now Act as a UZH ambassador at research competitions, at conferences, as part of national and international student challenges, at start-up events and in UZH's international networks. grants any discipline rolling basis divers
Entrepreneur Of The Year Entrepreneur Of The Year is highly respected across the globe competition  any discipline annual  -
Global Challenge 100k equity free accelerator  Deep tech  - 100
ESA Business Incubation Center  support package to entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and some space connection in order to develop their business in space or on earth  accelerator  Space tech annual  200 
Falling Walls Lab Switzerland  Falling Walls Venture is a global platform for the most promising science start-ups nominated by academic institutions from across the world  competition  any discipline annual 
First Ventures Preference will be given to projects with a budget of CHF 50,000 to a maximum of CHF 150,000 running from one to a maximum of two years. grant  Technology in general  twice / year 150
FreeNovation (Novartis) Allow researchers to pursue their self-determined goals for 18 months. grant life science annual 180
Future of Health Grants The 3-level grant program will benefit all early stage digital health projects grant digital health annual 50
Gebert rüf Stiftung grants  innovation for the benefit of Switzerland’s economy and society. It makes science effective by initiating impact-oriented innovation, research and education projects  accelerator  Technology in general  4 times per year  500 
Green Tech Startup Battle  regional and particularly sustainable project ideas from driven entrepreneurs that preserve and protect natural resources  competiition  Green tech  annual  10 
Hasler Stiftung Promote Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) in Switzerland.
CHF 50'000 maximum per project
Other rewards: Coaching & Training for students - PR & Visibility
grant  IT  4 times per year  50k
Impact Hub Fellowship Energy-Cleantech Award given to the most innovant projects in cleantech. Winners win also coaching and housing.
28k for winner and 4k for other finalists
grant  cleanTech annual  28
InnoBooster Grant of up to 150k over 1.5 years max granted to high-tech projects with high potential. Money is givent to lab as a grant. accelerator  Deep tech  4 times per year 150
Innosuisse innovation cheque The innovation cheque gives you access to over CHF 15'000 worth of R&D services from a public research partner. grant any discipline open call 15
Innosuisse innovation projects To be developped with a company (can be a startup). Pay half of the reserach costs, usually costs on the academic institute side. Company other half can be paid in-kind but usually, some cash should be paid also to academic partner (~10%). 350k Chf in average, can be more or less. grant  any discipline open call 350
Innosuisse start-up training The Innosuisse start-up training programme helps the businesspeople of tomorrow in four specialist modules. There is 4 modules:
Module 1: business idea - motivational event
Module 2: business concept - for future founders
Module 3: Business creation - for those ready to found a company
Module 4: Growth: to grow your startup
training any discipline open call -
Innosuisse Start-up coaching You receive vouchers in 3 steps to get coaching. 1st level is Business idea reviewed (5k CHF in coaching). 2nd level is develop strategy, enter markets (50k CHF in coaching). Last and 3rd level is being ready to grow (75k CHF in coaching). training any discipline open call -
InnoPeaks Innovation Lab  An intense 3 month program designed to support entrepreneurs scale their industry-changing technology businesses  Venture program  Life Science

rolling basis 
Freiburger Innovationspreis  Exemplary and innovative achievements in the development of new products or processes will be taken into consideration  competition  Technology in general  annual  10 
Innosuisse innovation project without implementation partner Innosuisse funds innovation projects of researchers who have come across an innovative idea with great market potential in the course of their research work, but have not yet found a partner for the implementation on the market  grant  Technology in general  several times a year  Not defined 
Kickstart Accelerator  Kickstart Accelerator is one of the Europe’s largest multi-corporate, zero equity accelerators. For 11 weeks it brings 30 of the most promising international startups to Zürich.  
CHF 15’000 seed funding and chance to get an additional grant of up to CHF 25’000. 
accelerator  Healthcare Food 
Smart Cities and Robotics & Intelligent Systems 
annual  40 
Mass challenge Swittzerland MassChallenge is a startup accelerator. It awards up to 1MCHf each year to 10 to 20 startups. Also provide in-kind award in the shape of advisory, working space, etc… accerlerator, grant food
sustainable industry
climate solutions
health tech
annual  100
National Centres of Competence in Research (NCCRs) Several grants and call for proposals.
Example: NCCR robotics spinoff fund: up to 150 K CHF for 12 months project.
grants Technology in general  often 150
Pax Sustainability Awards  supporting students and young people in developing and implementing their ideas and projects, to help them succeed in their commitment to the good of their community.  competition  Ideas relating to social matters  annual  20 
Prix Fondation Dalle Molle Award for research / projects helping to improve life quality in general. grant ideas relating to quality of life annual  10
Rare Diseases Promote development and implementation of innovative technologies or approaches in the diagnosis and treatment of Rare Diseases. Improve the transfer of basic research findings into clinical practice.
CHF 2 Millions per year as grants of CHF 500'000 maximum per project + PR & Visibility
grant  rare diseases diagnosis & treatment open call 500
Red Herring 100 Euro Award As the most important European Award and one of the most known globally, Red Herring wants to promote the top 100 hightech companies in three global regions : Asia, North America, Europe. award Technology in general  annual  -
Rolex Awards 100'000 Chf for each of the 5 winners competition  environment, applied science and technology or exploration annual  100
SEIF Tech for Impact Awards  European impact entrepreneurs who develop or make innovative use of technologies to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals  competition  UN Sustainable Development Goals  annual  30 
Startup Accelerator  accelerator program aimed at early stage startups and innovative ideas in tech innovation  accelerator  Technology in general  annual  120 
Startup Space provides various working spaces and offices on 1'500 m2 in the new #startupspaceZH directly at the railway station in Schlieren. incubator Technology in general  - -
Swiss Cancer League Research grants for cancer related projects. grant cancer related open call 500
Swisscom Startup Challenge Business acceleration program in Silicon Valley for 5 winners accelerator  IT
annual  -
Swiss Economic Award Promote entrepneurship in Switzerland
25'000 Chf for each category
competition  life science annual  25
Swiss ICT award  Honor outstanding ICT performances of Swiss companies  award IT  annual  2000 
Swiss MedTech Award To support innovation and competiveness in the Swiss Medtech sector and stimulate the transfer of knowledge between research, medtech firms, start-ups and SMEs. 10k CHF  competition  medtech  annual  10
Swiss Startup Factory  leverage opportunities for innovation in Switzerland to create value and market-leading companies.  accelerator  Technology in general  rolling basis  Not defined 
Swiss Technology Award Reward specially innovative innovations that have unique technological, economic and market potential in implementation competition  Technology in general  annual  -
Tenity Pre-seed incubator Swiss pre-seed incubator for exceptional founders and scalable ideas across all areas of FinTech and InsurTech. incubator FinTech, InsurTech annual -
UZH Entrepreneur Fellowships  funding, coaching, training and lab facilities to young researchers who intend to start up a company based on UZH research  program  BioTech 
Semi-annual  150 
UZH Innovation Grants  early-stage funding support for research-based innovations developed at UZH   grant  any discipline annual  10 
UZH Life Sciences Fund  early financing for UZH spin-offs in life sciences, biotech and medtech with business ideas based on intellectual property resulting from research done at UZH  grant Life Science rolling basis  1000 
TOP 100 Swiss Startups Ranking of the TOP100 startups in Switzerland. Need to be registered company and listed in the website. competition  Technology in general  annual  -
Venture >>venture>> is an early-stage startup competition. CHF 590’000 are awarded each year, with the grand prize being CHF 150’000 non dilutive funding + mentoring. There are 6 verticals: Finance & Insurance, Health & Nutrition, ICT, Industrials & Engineering, Retail & Consumer Services and Social & Environmental Impact.  competition  IT

annual  150
Venture Kick  Double the number of spin-offs at Swiss academic institutions through early detection and promotion of promising business ideas of in all disciplines.  accelerator  Technology in general  rolling basis  130 
Venture Leaders Biotech  investor and business development roadshow to hotspots for biotech innovation  roadshow  biotech  annual 
Venture Leaders Cleantech  investor and business development roadshow to hotspots for biotech innovation  roadshow  cleantech  annual 
Venture Leaders Medtech  investor and business development roadshow to hotspots for biotech innovation  roadshow  medtech  annual 
W.A. de Vigier Award  CHF 500'000, of which CHF 100'000 for each of five companies per year  competition  Technology in general  annual  100 
Watt d'Or  Reward best energy projects in Switzerland 
Pay tribute to especially significant and exemplary projects in the energy sector, and to those persons and organisations who played a major role in the realisation of such projects 
competition  energy  annual 
Wyss Zurich  foster translational projects from ETHZ / UZH accelerator  Regenerative medicine 
ZKB Pionierpreis Technopark  Award for one particularly innovative, technology-driven start-up from Switzerland  award Technology in general  annual  100