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How to apply

UZH Entrepreneur Fellowships, Bio & MedTech

Please read the instructions and documents available on this page before you send us your application.

What are the prerequisites to apply?

  • You have a clear startup idea in the area of BioTech or MedTech.
  • You have a strong motivation to develop a product or novel service based on UZH research and to transfer it to the market.
  • You have a doctoral degree (PhD, MD, PharmD, DMD or DVM) in life sciences or related fields. Doctoral students who plan to complete their thesis within six months after the application deadline can also apply.
  • You submit the project as a single applicant.
  • An UZH professor (host professor) is ready to act as a mentor during the fellowship and will provide the necessary lab space and infrastructure to carry out the project.
  • Readiness to fully dedicate your time to the funded project and for being employed at UZH for the duration of the Entrepreneur fellowship.

How can the funding be used?

The Entrepreneur fellowship funds can be used to pay salaries, materials and other project-related expenses. The adequate salary level depends on the education level of the applicant and on other costs expected in the project. Entrepreneur fellows are to be employed as Scientific Assistants (Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeitende). Funding obtained or requested from other sources that is related to the project must be declared.

When can applications be submitted?

Applications for the UZH Entrepreneur Fellowships, Bio & MedTech can be submitted once a year. The deadline for new applications is on April 15th, 23:59 (CET). The application window opens around one month ahead of the deadline.

Application call is open now! Register on the grants platform and submit your applicationhere.

How are the projects selected?

The projects are selected in a a three stage selection process including the steps 1) eligibility check, 2) internal pre-selection and 3) interview with the jury.

The UZH Entrepreneur fellowships, Bio & MedTech are awarded based on the following criteria:

  • Project is based on excellent scientific work done at the UZH;
  • High innovation potential (e.g. unique and defensible technology, existing or envisaged intellectual property protection);
  • Compelling market opportunity and business case (while this may not be fully determined at proposal stage, a broad outline has to be presented);
  • Feasibility (convincing project plan, resources, competences, team);
  • Personal potential of the applicant (motivation, entrepreneurial spirit).

Is a reapplication possible?

Rejected applications may be resubmitted. However, a project and/or applicant may not re-apply for the UZH Entrepreneur Fellowships more than twice. Furthermore, the jury expects to see a substantial progress of the project and/or business case in the reapplication.


Application checklist

Step I: Get your project plan in shape

  • You are motivated to take the next step and prepare your idea for a spin-off. There are several support units at UZH that can help you answer your questions at this stage. Unitectra can help you judge whether your research results can be protected. The Therapy Development Accelerator can help you on the business case and to set up a feasible project plan for the 18 months fellowship.

Step II: Decide for your mentor and host institute

  • The next step is to find a mentor at UZH that commits to support you during your fellowship, give advice and let you access equipment that you will need to carry out your project. Ask your professor to confirm his or her support in a letter. Mentor Letter of Support Template (DOCX, 55 KB)

Stage III: Prepare to pitch your project

  • Prepare to present your project and your motivation in 3 minutes. Describe your idea, which problem you aim to solve, the market potential and your motivation to bring this solution to the market.

Stage IV: Record a 3 min video presentation

  • Record your video using the technology of your choice (smartphone, zoom etc.). The focus should be on how you tell your story, we want to see you, use slides only to support the argumentation.

Step V: Create a profile on the submission platform

  • Create a profile on the submission platform and fill in your contact information. You can leave your application as a draft and submit your application later.

Step VI: Submit your application

  • Upload your final application documents on the platform and submit. Project proposal (Form A1), Budget (Form A2), your CV and a letter of support from your mentor.

Step VII: Reserve Time on Your Calendar for the "Final Selection" Meeting

  • Candidates who have successfully passed the "eligibility" assessment and have progressed through the pre-selection process will receive an invitation to the Jury Meeting. During this meeting, they will have the opportunity to present their project ideas to the jury members. You can find the list of jury membershere.
  • Kindly ensure that you mark your calendar as unavailable during this time to accommodate your pitch presentation. 
  • For the October Call 2023, the jury meeting is scheduled for January 16th from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.


Submit an application

Please register a profile on our online platform to submit an application:
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