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Get inspired to get started

This course is aimed at motivated students and young researchers who are interested in starting their own company. It provides an insight into entrepreneurial mindset, methods and techniques as well as the ability to work in interdisciplinary teams.

For Bachelor 's and Master's students and PhD candidates from all faculties at the University of Zurich

A practical introduction to entrepreneurship and innovation for students from all faculties who are interested in founding a company and want to acquire introductory knowledge of entrepreneurial thinking and acting.

It aims to develop entrepreneurial skills that are crucial in today's dynamic working world.


The Bootcamp 1 enables students to:

  • develop an entrepreneurial mindset,
  • establish a positive failure culture and learn from failure,
  • learn and apply ideation techniques,
  • build a comprehensive network and learn community building,
  • work effectively in interdisciplinary teams,
  • question whether a career as an entrepreneur appeals to them and plan their studies and career accordingly.

Combination of asynchronous self-study with classroom teaching.

The course is held in English.


This course has already been held (14, 28 May and 11 June 2024)

Further information

Bootcamp 1 – "Get inspired to get started" is the basic building block of a modular training program. The following courses build on this:

Module 2: «Build it» – Prototyping
Module 3: «Launch it» – Business plan development (in planning)


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