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Iwan Zimmermann

Therapeutic nanobodies against multidrug resistant Escherichia coli

Iwan Zimmermann and Team
Photo: Dr. Pascal Egloff, Prof. Dr. Markus Seeger, Dr. Iwan Zimmermann (left to right)

In this Entrepreneur Fellow project, the team of Iwan Zimmermann is building a unique technology plattform to develop a new antibiotic to treat multidrug resistant E. coli. Unlike marketed small-molecule antibiotics, non-pathogenic bacteria in the gut will remain unaffected by the new treatment, which counteracts the spread of antibiotic resistance. The new class of antibiotics emanating from this drug discovery program will thus not only be a valuable treatment option for life-threatening conditions, it will also allow for a spatial and temporal antibiotic precision that has never been achieved before, thus minimizing the occurrence of new multi-resistant strains.

Affiliation: Prof. Dr. Markus Seeger

Start date: 08/2017


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Dr. Iwan Zimmermann successfully completed the UZH Entrepreneur Fellowship in February 2019.


Iwan Zimmermann