Stefan Kleiser

A non-invasive device that monitors oxygen levels in the brains of preterm infants

Stefan Kleiser and Team
Photo: Daniel Ostojic, Alexander Nitsch, Dr. Stefan Kleiser, Prof. Dr. Martin Wolf (left to right)

Stefan Kleiser joined the Entrepreneur Fellowship program to work on translating a novel oximeter to clinical use. Based on a highly precise research tissue oximeter, he and his team developed a medical device improving intensive care by avoiding oxygen undersupply and brain damage. The translation of OxyPrem has be focused on user needs and industrialized manufacturing, in close linkage and cooperation with later customers. To date, the team has developed a product that is about to be CE-certified. Oxyprem’s vision is to contribute to a decrease in child mortality and severe life-long brain damage in survivors.

Oxyprem is currently supported by Uniscientia foundation, Venture Kick, and Wyss Zurich. They received the CE-certification for their product in summer 2019.

Affiliation: Prof. Dr. Martin Wolf

Start date: 02/2018