UZH Startup label

Since 1999, more than 100 spin-offs that develop or bring to market new products based on UZH technologies have been founded at the University of Zurich. Many other startups have been founded since then by students, alumni and other members of the University of Zurich.

The University of Zurich has provided selected spin-offs with the UZH Startup Label since 2017. Are you a UZH entrepreneur? Then request the label today.

Request UZH Startup Label

Benefits UZH Startup Label

Founders who receive the UZH Startup Label become part of the UZH Startup Community. They benefit from a presence on the UZH Innovation Hub website and are featured with an exclusive venture story. Furthermore, they receive media attention through the UZH Innovation Hub channels.

The UZH Startup Label is an agreement between UZH and the spin-off/startup, for the use of the UZH Startup Label logo on its website, as well as company presentations. It shows the affiliation to UZH and increases the credibility of the spin-off/startup towards customers and investors.