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David Gage

Robotic Endoscope Automated via Laryngeal Imaging for Tracheal Intubation

David Gage and Team
From left to right: Dr. Quentin Boehler, David Gage, Prof. Dr. Peter Biro

Tracheal intubations can be difficult and stressful to perform, with failed intubations accounting for a significant number of reports of brain damage and mortality. Dave and his team are developing an automated, semi-rigid endoscope with the goal of increasing the success rate of securing a patent airway by substantially decreasing the skill and experience necessary to perform tracheal intubations.

In this project, Dave Gage and his team are further developing a robotic endoscope automated via laryngeal imaging for tracheal intubations to be ready for clinical testing.

Affiliation: Prof. Peter Biro

Start date: 04/2019


  • David Gage co-founded the UZH Start-up aiEndoscopic GmbH in 2020

  • aiEndoscopic wins Swiss Innovation Challenge in 2022

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aiEndoscopic gewinnt Swiss Innovation Challenge