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Denys Sutter

Novel cooling technology for low-temperature research and cryo-electron microscopy

Foto Denys Sutter
From left to right: Johan Chang, Denys Sutter, Dominik Biscette

Cryo-transmission electron microscopy, is gaining popularity as an anlaysis method in structual biology. In his research, Denys Sutter co-developed a miniaturized cryo-technology based on liquid helium. The new design has shown to surpass existing cryostats in size and performance and allows an affordable and simple implementation in sample holders for cryo-transmission electron microscopy. The lower temperatures achieved (< 4K) suppresses diffusion of beam-induced radicals, lowers chemical reaction rates, reduces thermal background noise and increases performance in fluorescent cryo-EM experiments. With the UZH Entrepreneur Fellowship, Denys Sutter and his team plan to develop this technology into of a fully operational product including the peripheral equipment.

Affiliation: Laboratory for Quantum Matter Research

Start date: 04/2019


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Watch Denys Sutter and Dominik Biscette talk about Condenzero in this 2 min video by VentureKick.