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Pawel Sledz

Targeting the epitranscriptomics modification machinery for cancer therapy

Pawel Sledz and Team
Photo: Prof. Amedeo Caflisch, Lars Wiedmer, Danzhi Huang, Yaozong Li, Rajiv Bedi, Pawel Sledz (left to right)

Epitranscriptomics (RNA epigenetics) has emerged recently as relatively novel and unexplored regulation mechanism of gene expression in the cell, which in some cases can be the driving factor behind cancer. Pawel Śledź and his team has deployed a computationally driven drug discovery platform focused on targeting RNA modifications, which he is now applying to deliver first small molecules modulating the epitranscriptomic regulation machinery. In his Fellowship project, Pawel Sledz will provide the proof of concept for the therapeutic value of targeting epitranscriptomics modification machinery for cancer therapy.

Affiliation: Prof. Amedeo Caflisch

Start date: 09/2018

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