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Stefan Dudli

Stem cell therapy for the treatment of low back pain

Stefan Dudli and Team
Photo: Dr. Stefan Dudli, Prof. Oliver Distler, Dr. Francois Binette (left to right)

Non-specific low back pain is a common and debilitating condition with immense socioeconomic costs. Many times, the pain can be related to a tissue damage of the bone marrow, this is called Modic type 1 changes. Although highly specific for low back pain, to date there is no targeted treatment for Modic type 1 changes. In his project, Stefan Dudli and his team are developing a minimally invasive stem cell therapy that has the potential to specifically revert the pathological conditions of Modic type 1 changes. Within the Entrepreneur Fellowship project the team will transfer the research findings into a marketable product and develop a plan for its commercialization.

Affiliation: Prof. Oliver Distler

Start date: 01/2020

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