Yannick Devaud

Minimally invasive surgical device for precise application of bioadhesives to prevent membrane rupture after fetoscopy

Yannick Devaud and Team


Recent development in pre-natal diagnosis enables the detection of life-threatening congenital diseases on fetuses during the pregnancy. The minimally invasive interventions in the womb, called fetoscopies, come along with a high risk of preterm birth related to the perforation of the fetal membrane needed for the insertion of the medical instruments. This important collateral effect is a critical limitation for those fetoscopies and for development of more sophisticated fetal surgeries. Yannick's innovative technology aims to prevent iPPROM through the sealing of the site of puncture with an implantable medical device at the end of the fetal surgery. This will help to fight against fetal morbidity and mortality resulting from prenatal treatments and open a new horizon in the fetal treatment field.

Affiliation: PD Dr. Martin Ehrbar

Start date: 01/2019