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Winner Social Entrepreneurship Seminar 2018

On Friday, Dec-7, the 2018 edition of the UZH Social Entrepreneurship seminar came to an end. This year, students were pitching social business ideas to either decrease plastic waste or to improve basic opportunities to children of migrant families. A panel of real social impact investors evaluated their business plans and pitches and determined the winner: Keats, led by Anaïs Aeschlimann, Nina Muehlebach and Nithusya Jalanthiran, is an app meant to help migrant children better integrate in Swiss schools by powering a marketplace for immigrant parents to host lunches for Swiss kids, or the other way around. Keats received a 10'000 CHF prize to get started. Professor Guilherme Lichand, who leads the seminar, praised Keats as the 'AirBnB of school lunches', and pointed out it has a real shot of promoting positive impact under a profitable business model "if they are able to use the resources wisely for a well-crafted beta version and for fostering the right partnerships". Prof. Lichand is collaborating with UZH Innovation Office to organize the 2019 edition of UZH Innovators' Camp, which will be focused on social entrepreneurs. "The idea is to have the Camp accelerate student-led social ventures to the next stage, by exposing them to the social impact ecosystem in Zurich and Geneva, and by hopefully generating business opportunities that will allow their impact to scale", says Lichand.

UZH Innovation Hub

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