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$60 Million for Swiss Startups - Successful Founders to Launch Venture Fund

Wingman ventures
photo: Wingman

Wingman Ventures is ready to make a mark. The independent venture fund is all about providing know-how and financial support to help Swiss startups become international market leaders. The fund is investing 60 million USD in Swiss tech startups exclusively. 


From Founders for Founders 

The three founding partners of Wingman Ventures have a deep understanding of entrepreneurship: Pascal Mathis (Co-Founder and former COO of GetYourGuide), Lukas Weder (Co-Founder and Alex Stöckl (former COO Gärtnerei and Senior Investment Manager Creathor Ventures) have founded startups themselves - and made them highly successful. Now they want to dedicate their knowledge, experience and energy to a new generation of startup founders - as they are convinced that the Swiss startup ecosystem is just beginning to write its best success stories.

Additionally, Wingman Ventures is backed by a large number of Switzerland’s most recognized tech founders. The “Founder’s Family” unites - amongst others -  the founders of Digitec/Galaxus, Bexio, Duolingo, U-Blox, Xovis, Netcentric, VIU, Doodle, GetYourGuide and Contovista.

Swiss Startups as Global Market Leaders 

Wingman Ventures is not only the first and only dedicated Swiss tech seed fund. By investing as the lead investor at seed stage, Wingman makes sure that its entrepreneurial experience is of most use to the young founder teams. An important strategic and operational value at this crucial early stage.

Wingman Ventures offers a unique network to the startups in its portfolio. The network provides access to more than 150 international venture capital funds and enables efficient follow-on fundraising and co-investment at growth stage. The aim is no less than to build Swiss global market leaders.

Right from the Start: One of the Largest Portfolios of Tech Startups

Wingman Ventures already has one of the largest tech-portfolios in Switzerland. Amongst the 14 most promising startups within the portfolio are fast growing and internationally acknowledged companies like Wingtra, Ava, Bring!, Algrano and 9T Labs.

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