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evolutionary investing (Aionite)
Picture: evolutionary investing (Aionite)


Aionite Capital is an alternative investment brand and start-up from the University of Zurich.


Aionite Capital follows the approach of Evolutionary Investing. This approach is based on the findings of "Evolutionary Finance", a subject area has been researched by Prof. Dr. Thorsten Hens, among others. In it, financial markets are seen as the struggle of different market participants and investment strategies. The importance of the individual investment strategies changes dynamically over time. This dynamic is path-dependent or, in other words, evolutionary.   


Using artificial intelligence, Aionite Capital tries to find out which investment strategies are evolutionarily superior in the current market environment. In this sense, the approach borrows from Darwin's theory of evolution: Whereas in Darwin's case, living beings struggle to survive in their respective environments, here it is investment strategies that compete against each other. With this approach, Aionite Capital invests broadly in various asset classes ranging from equities, bonds and currencies to commodities. The result is a broad-based portfolio that should be more successful than traditional investment solutions over the long term. For this purpose, Aionite Capital has set up an investment fund under Swiss law. 


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