Picture: IntuBot (aiEndoscopic)


aiEndoscopic combines artificial intelligence with robotics to enable assistive or even autonomous endoscopy. Their goal is to achieve best patient outcomes and treatment success independent of human performance and capabilities. Their first application is an all-in-one solution for tracheal intubation and is called intuBot. The device helps place the tube during artificial ventilation, making tracheal intubation easier and safer. This is particularly helpful in emergency interventions outside hospitals, for example with accident victims.    


aiEndocsopic is a spin-off of the university project "REALITI" between UZH, ETH and University Hospital Zurich. To advance this project, Dave Gage was supported by a MedTech Entrepreneur Fellowship at UZH in 2019-2020.  Together with Peter Biro and Philipp Ganz, he forms the founding team of ai Endoscopic.