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Navignostics is a spin-off company from the University of Zurich, founded in April 2022, which leverages spatial single-cell proteomics to perform advanced analyses of tumor samples. The mission of Navignostics is to provide innovative solutions to identify the best possible treatment for each cancer patient and reduce suffering throughout their journey.
Navignostics aims to guide targeted and immuno-oncology therapy selection tailored towards the individual cancer patient’s tumor phenotype, by using artificial intelligence (AI) driven software, coupled to single-cell resolved spatial proteomic tumor data. This proprietary approach will also help accelerate oncology drug development and enable the discovery of companion diagnostic biomarkers.
Their technology and leading data analytics position them to enable precision cancer diagnostics for patients and to provide services to pharma and biotech partners. This way Navignostics wants to help people suffering from cancer by making more drugs available and by finding the right one for every patient.


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