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Invasight is a Swiss-based early-clinical stage biotech start-up. Using their breakthrough technology, ACINDA™, Invasight identifies and designs specific protein-protein interaction inhibitors (PPIs) for non-traditional intercellular protein targets, which cause cancer cell invasion. 

The platform ACINDA was developed and validated at the department of neuro-oncology at the University Children’s Hospital, Zürich, and University of Zürich. ACINDA accelerates the ‘hit to lead’ phase of drug development by 50%, has less than 5% error rate and delivers a 35% increase in the accuracy of quantification of cancer cell invasion compared to any other drug discovery platforms available in the market. ACINDA closely mimics the in vivo tumour microenvironment, which enables it to identify targets specifically pertinent to cancer cell invasion. Therefore, drugs designed using ACINDA will potentially have lower failure rates in clinical trials and are less likely to cause adverse side-effects and toxicities. 


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