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Minor in BioMed Entrepreneurship


The Minor in BioMed Entrepreneurship (30 ECTS) offers new ways of thinking for a new generation of BioMed scientists!

The combination of research knowledge and entrepreneurial thinking induce medical progress. With the launch of the specialized Minor in BioMed Entrepreneurship, Master students from UZH and ETHZ have, for the first time, the opportunity to learn about the tools for successful knowledge translation and to develop their entrepreneurial skills. In our BEP program, participants learn from industry experts the essential skills and know-how to translate research results to marketable products and therapies.

Learn from the mindset of successful entrepreneurs how they built their businesses. Gain insights about Innovation, R&D, Marketing, Regulations, Intellectual Property, Budgeting, Funding, Negotiation, Team Building (among others). By the end of the Minor in BioMed Entrepreneurship you will be able to:

  • formulize company-relevant questions for the translation of scientific knowledge
  • acquire in-depth entrepreneurial knowledge through individual and teamwork
  • communicate their knowledge and projects in an appropriate and appealing way

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