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Readney - The app for children's books
The digital transformation of the children's book market is still in its infancy. Here, the Readney app wants to act as a pioneer and offer young readers aged 3-8 a unique reading experience. 


Digital reading engagement
The selection of educational content for children is (still) small on the web and in the app stores. This target group is primarily offered games and streaming services.
According to the 2018 PISA study, a quarter of 15-year-old Swiss adolescents do not have the minimum reading skills needed to understand the message of a simple text. These results call for targeted and coordinated efforts to promote reading (offline and online).


Readney brings exciting topics to cell phones and aims to awaken children's desire to read.

The digital children's books are thoughtfully designed, written in an age-appropriate way, and enriched with a variety of fun and animated 3D characters that make reading even more exciting and enjoyable. 
The Readney library is continuously expanding with new and relevant topics & books developed in collaboration with authors, illustrators, publishers or subject experts.
From idea to implementation to publication: Readney is the partner for digital children's book creation and distribution.