Network & Advice

We accelerate innovation by connecting those interested in founding a company with the startup scene, advising them on their way to being ready for the market and building bridges to members of the business community.

Knowledge & technology transfer

Collaborations with business partners provides research institutions with the opportunity to transfer knowledge that promotes both academic and economic research and development. The University of Zurich promotes the transformation of research results into products and services through various measures. The University of Zurich is proud of the increasing number of UZH spin-offs and startups and supports them by providing them with the UZH startup label.

Knowledge & Technology Transfer

Advice for entrepreneurs

The University of Zurich supports entrepreneurs on their path to founding a startup. Especially prior to and during the founding phase, those interested in founding a company face a number of questions. Help on the path to founding a startup is offered here, for example:

Advice for Entrepreneurs

Networks & communities

Entrepreneurs should develop their networks as quickly as possible. Networking events and alumni meetings offer numerous opportunities for engaging in a dialogue with like-minded people and meeting potential investors.

Networks & Communities

Other opportunities

  • Advice and coaching from experts
  • Accelerators, incubators and competitions

Other Opportunities