How to apply

Apply for the Digital Innovation Grants

The information on this page is meant to guide applicants for the Digital Innovation Grants in the preparation of their application.

How can the funding be used?

The grants amount to CHF 10’000 and are given for a period of max. 5 months. The funding will be transferred to a UZH account proposed by the applicant after the funding decision. It can be used to pay salaries (e.g. co-worker for project), materials (e.g. for a prototype, platforms) or for outsourcing workpackages (e.g. perform a market study, set up a website).

Note that the funds of the Digital Innovation Grant can only be transferred to UZH accounts.

The funding cannot be used to purchase personal computers and related equipment.

What are the prerequisites to apply?

  • You have a strong motivation to transfer an idea, research finding or concept with potential for impact;
  • You are a student, researcher or staff at UZH;
  • Your proposed project is rooted at UZH and benefits from the UZH environment*;
  • You are ready to start your project within 3 months after the funding decision.

*It is important that the applicant can describe why it makes sense to do this project at UZH. The project may be based on knowhow developed at UZH or proposes a collaboration with a UZH research institution, research infrastucture or similar.

Which are the selection criteria?

The Digital Innovation Grants are awarded based on the following criteria

  • The project clearly fits the purpose of the Digital Innovation Grants
  • High innovation potential (e.g. unique technology or approach, unique idea for the implementation)
  • Potential for impact (what problem will you solve and why is it relevant?)
  • Personal potential of the applicant (motivation, knowhow)

How does the selection process look like?

The projects are selected in a two-stage process.

Step 1: UZH Researchers within the Cluster for Digital Innovation rate the submitted videos. Check out the Community here.

Step 2: A committee with representatives from UZH, Unitectra and the Digital Entrepreneuship Program decides on which projects to fund based on the expert ratings of the videos and the written application.

The applicants will receive the funding decision one to two months after the application deadline.

Getting ready to apply

Step I: Create a profile on the submission platform

  • Create a profile on the submission platform and fill in your contact information. You can leave your application as a draft and submit your application later.

Stage II: Prepare your video submission

  • Prepare to present your project and your motivation in 3 minutes. Describe your idea, which problem you aim to solve, the innovation potential and your motivation to make an impact.
  • Record your video using the technology of your choice (smartphone, video meeting software or similar). In the video we want to see the applicant. Slides may be used but are not required.
  • Please make your video pitch cover all above mentioned aspects, so that it transports your proposed project in a stand-alone manner.

Step III: Answer the questions in the application form

  • In brief words, how does the 10'000 CHF help you to move your innovative idea one step closer towards implementation? Answer a number of questions related to your proposed project in the form on the platform.

Stage IV: Confirm your host institute

  • In the application form, you need to indicate your host institute. The host institute is where you will do your work or with whom you will collaborate during the project supported by the Grant.
  • The funds of the Digital Innovation Grant will be transferred to an account at this institute. Students and persons not employed at the host institute at the time of application will be asked to provide a letter of intent from the institute.
  • If you have questions about the host institute, get in touch with the UZH Innovation Office:

Stage V: Submit your application

Submit your application

Submit your application using the submission platform:

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