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UZH Innovation Hub

Space & Aviation

UZH Space Hub

The UZH Space Hub combines and coordinates space and aviation activities at the University of Zurich. These activities currently include three main areas:

  • Space life sciences
  • Earth observation
  • Astrophysics

Strengthening space and aviation topics

The UZH Space Hub contributes to the development and strengthening of space and aviation research in Zurich. It promotes national and international R&D cooperations and public-private partnerships in close collaboration with various academic, business and industry partners.

The UZH Space Hub works in close partnership with the Zurich Innovation Park and stakeholders at the airport in Dübendorf.

Space 4.0

Space 4.0 stands for innovation, inspiration, information and interaction with a wide variety of disciplines and stakeholders in space and aviation.

As a driving force for science and innovation, the UZH Space Hub connects various stakeholders across disciplines and sectors and inspires a new generation to engage in STEM activities (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

Interview with Prof. Dr. Oliver Ullrich

SRF Regionaljournal, 6.1.2024

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Prof. Dr. Oliver Ullrich

Cluster lead

Prof. Dr. Oliver Ullrich

UZH Space Hub

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