Zeppelin NT

Zeppelin NT (R. Sablotny)

The Zeppelin NT is a multi-purpose passenger airship, certified by European and US-American aviation authorities to transport up to 15 passengers or up to 2 tonnes of mission equipment. It features a semi-rigid design principle, consisting of a high-tech pressurized external hull and a rigid internal framework, made from aluminum and carbon fibre.

With a length of 75 meters, the Zeppelin NT is currently the world's largest semi-rigid airship. With its extraordinary flight characteristics and flight performances, such as long flight duration of up to 20 hours, position-accurate hovering and precise landing, extreme slow flight even at the lowest flight altitude, low noise emissions, low-vibration cabins, high payload, fast conversion times and operational safety even in densely populated areas), the Zeppelin NT offers unique application possibilities for  environmental monitoring.

By using the Zeppelin NT, significant technological, scientific and competitive advantages for users from Switzerland can be generated in the future, for example in remote sensing applications for precision agriculture. In October 2017, research flight campaigns were successfully tested for the first time by the Swiss SkyLab Foundation and the Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei (DZR) from Duebendorf Airport.

The Zeppelin NT at a glance:

-Multi-purpose passenger airship
-Certified by European and U.S. aviation authorities
-Up to 2 t of mission equipment
-Semi-rigid Zeppelin design
-20 years of safe operation, mature technology
-Operates from unpaved fields
-Long-time precision-hover for on-spot measuring
-Vertical climb/descent
-Extremely low cabin vibration
-Extraordinary endurance

Prof. Dr. Dr. Oliver Ullrich
Swiss SkyLab Foundation
Deutsche Zeppelin Reederei DRZ

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