Welcome to the UZH Space Hub!

Space and aviation are among the most important driving forces in research, technology, and innovation. The UZH Space Hub is the innovation cluster "Space and Aviation" of the University of Zurich. It's solid foundation of knowledge, experience and achievements will form the basis for successful research and development cooperation, businesses and startups, and the creation of spin-offs.

The UZH Innovation Cluster “Space and Aviation” (UZH Space Hub) aims to establish collaborative aviation and space activities at the Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich.


Today, space represents innovation, inspiration, information, and interactions with many disciplines and players (Space 4.0) and has manifold activities in the field of space and aviation in the Greater Zurich area, the UZH Space Hub allows linking of multiple activities (verticals and horizontals) at one unique location:  The combination of innovation park and airport.

The UZH Space Hub will form a framework for an active community of lateral thinkers, facilitate intensive exchange and interdisciplinary collaboration between the governmental sector, private sector, society, and politics. We are committed to attracting and expanding the next generation of aviation and space industry businesses. At UZH Space Hub, ideas will take off. Greater Zurich Area and the Innovation Park Zurich is the ideal location for aerospace businesses to thrive, and UZH Space Hub is the perfect partner to help them succeed.

ESA Sentinel-2 satellite. Copyright ESA/ATG Medialab


Initially, the UZH Space Hub fosters collaboration in three main topics.

    Space Hub team in zero gravity


    The UZH Space Hub is open for collaboration and offers a diverse network of partners.

      Research aircraft

      Lighthouse Projects

      The UZH Space Hub is active in multiple lighthouse projects.

        Zeppelin NT at Duebendorf airfield (F. Schneider)


        The location of the UZH Space Hub offers a broad suite of infrastructure.