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Talentkick: Start your entrepreneurial journey now! - Application Deadline 10 December 2021


In this program, students will have the opportunity to form interdisciplinary cross-university co-founder teams, find a mentor, and will benefit from self-development coaching, events and networking sessions. If they reach the different milestones, they will get a strong contribution of 5’000 CHF per team to validate their idea further. Students will be accompanied until they graduate and will have access to other programs (you may mention your own different innovation initiatives for students, Venture Kick, Innosuisse,…) before they graduate to allow them to lay stable foundation and accelerate their startup’s development. They will also have the opportunity to gain international exposure via Swissnex, our Global Program Partner.
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Apply here before December 15 2021! 🚀


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Apply before December 15th!